Website Maintenance

Power Plant Media August 15, 2014

STAY CURRENT with the right maintenance package to address editorial and design needs.

Are you having difficulty keeping up with your website?

Our experts can help you keep your site current with the latest security fixes, content changes, program maintenance or design updates. And we can do it for a lot less than it would cost to keep a full-time webmaster on you payroll.

Our tiered programs allow you can buy small increments of time as needed. This can reduce your website maintenance costs while providing assurance that all changes will be done promptly and professionally.


Our full range of website maintenance services include:

  • Product changes
  • Calendar updates
  • Breaking news
  • Photos and graphics
  • Website tweaks and facelifts
  • Copywriting and text editing
  • Pay as you go – $125 per hour
  • Rush service is available and billed on a per-project basis

All Website Maintenance Plans include:

  • Complete testing after changes
  • Full back-up copy of website
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Support via telephone, email and support ticketing
  • Professional, personal service

Not sure which website maintenance package provides the best coverage for your business? Request a free consultation with one of our website maintenance experts today to learn more.