Custom Sites

Power Plant Media November 08, 2013

GRAB ATTENTION with brand-centric designs that engage users and increase conversions.

Almost anyone can throw together a cheap website using generic themes and off-the-shelf templates. But this cookie-cutter approach is clunky, restrictive and ineffective for growing a business online. But a uniquely designed and branded website is a great asset your company can’t afford to be without.


A Branded, Custom Site Could Be the Conversion Answer You’ve Been Looking For

A custom-designed website is more robust than a template-based site. It can change and grow as your business grows and can lead to increased profits and improved client retention. For most companies, the time and cost of having a custom website designed and managed by professionals is money well spent.

A custom website design is:

  • Tailored to your overall business objectives
  • A showcase for your unique brand identity
  • More adaptable to your changing needs
  • Search engine friendly
  • CSS compliant

At Power Plant Media, we customize websites to do exactly what you want them to. From strategic design to easy site navigation; from compelling sales copy to instant e-commerce ordering; from useful tools to interactive forms, our websites are built from the ground up to interest visitors and convert them into customers. Not only do we design, create and launch optimized websites, we can teach our clients how to update content quickly and easily whenever they want.

The key elements of website design fit into four main categories. These elements, imaginatively conceived and skillfully assembled, result in a functional, fun and engaging website that stands out from the competition:

Primary Colors - These are used in header and footer elements as well as main content headings. Primary colors create the overall color tone for the website.

Secondary Colors - These enhance the primary colors and are used on the navigation and title elements and to accentuate website content.

Navigation - This is integral to how your visitors find information. Navigation placement (top, bottom, left, right), functionality (drop-downs, sliding) and colors are vitally important and carefully designed.

Body - Content is the meat and potatoes of who you are and what you do. Well-written copy explaining your products and services is important for creating interest and closing sales.

Writing content that ranks well in the search engines and resonates with your audience requires professional training. We have the experts for the job and can handle everything from writing new copy to revising and proofing your existing content and making it fresh, relevant and exciting.

Don’t put it off any longer. Create the web presence your business needs to succeed in the Digital Age.